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Curriculum Overview

At St.Peter’s we all strongly believe that children deserve to experience childhood and all the magic and wonder it brings.

At our school we strive to provide a learning environment that will contribute to children’s real lives both as they live them and as a preparation for their futures. We want to give our children memories that are golden and useful and as such we offer a broad and engaging curriculum that is literacy and numeracy rich. We believe that successful people of the future will be those who are resilient in the face of challenge, resourceful and full of strategies when uncertain and who are reflective learners, well aware of themselves and their own strengths and capabilities. On top of all this we want our children to develop the capacity and desire to learn in any context.

We follow the progression as outlined in the new National Curriculum. Click here for further information.





If parents would like any more information about the curriculum, please arrange a meeting with their children's class teacher or the head teacher.

View or download our Curriculum Offer

View or download our vibrant, ever evolving skills based Curriculum




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Arts and Technology 

Behaviour and Pastoral Support 

Early Years Foundation Stage

English and Communication

Mathematical Development

Modern Foreign Languages

Physical Education


Religious Education and Collective Worship

Science and Technology

Social Development