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SWGfL  Is a charity, ensuring children benefit from technology, free from harm. Click on their logo to visit their website.

Legal but harmful material can make its way into all walks of life and quite often it’s difficult to know where to go to for help and support.  We can know all actively help keep our children safe, online, by Reporting Harmful Content and prevent the spread of harmful material. 

To report harmful content click the button below

Report Harmful Content has a team of dedicated practitioners who not only review content but actively communicate with victims, ensuring they are listened to whilst offering guidance and mediatory support where needed.

The service works to remove the following eight types of online harm:

  • Online abuse
  • Bullying or Harassment

  • Threats

  • Impersonation

  • Unwanted Sexual Advances (Not Image Based)

  • Violent Content

  • Self-Harm or Suicide Content ?

  • Pornographic Content

Safer Internet Day 2021

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 Tuesday 9th February

 Most of our children are learning remotely right now, however it is still every ones responsibility to ensure they are safe whilst online.

Please take a look at the  Family Lockdown Guide. It’s full of advice to help you have the sort of conversations you need to be have right now – and encourage children to be brave and speak up if they’re unsure about anything they come across online.


Have a look at our E Safety Policy

Unique Voice 

In July 2020, term 6 2019/20 we invited Unique Voice drama company into school to work alongside our year 6 children as part of our transition programme to secondary school. We asked Unique Voice to gather the children's views and ideas to help them produce a video recording about keeping safe online. We were all impressed with the children's honesty as they shared their worries and asked for their trusted adults to support them to stay safe online. We are sure that you will agree that this is a high quality production and we thank the children and Unique Voice for their contributions. 

Please take a look at this video by clicking here. Please feel reassured that in school we will continue to support all children so that they understand how to keep themselves safe. We know that parents and carers will also do their best and that sometimes this can feel overwhelming, particularly when our children appear to know more about technology than the adults do. Please let school know if you would like more information to support you at home, eg using parental controls. 

Check Netaware for the official age ratings for popular Apps. These ratings are to ensure children are safe online and not exposed to inappropriate materials.

  • Whats App – 16 years
  • Twitter – 13 years
  • Facebook – 13 years
  • Instagram – 13 years
  • YouTube – 13 years
  • TikTok - 13 years
  • 20% of 8 – 11 year olds who go online regularly have a social media profile
  • 5% of 5 – 7 year olds who go online regularly have a social media profile

12% of 8-11 year olds have admitted to accepting friend requests from people they don’t know or have never met.

How do you know who your child is 'following' online or who is 'following' them? Talk to your children about the details of personal Information. This can include:

  • Address
  • Photos
  • Date of Birth
  • Postcode
  • Name of School
  • Medical Information

Useful Links

Please have a look at the following resources for all to find out more about keeping your child safe online.

Think u know - Find out more about live streaming and how to keep your child safe from any risks

Net Aware


Cyberbullying – a film about cyberbullying to watch with your children

Guide to digital safety

Safer Internet

BBC Safer Internet Day


Childnet International have published (2019) some guidance to help parents/carers - Let's talk about life online. This includes some advice and conversation starters for supporting your child to stay safe online. Click here for the guidance.

More helpful hints and tops can be found if you click here.




Please click here for an introduction to online gaming.